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5 Tips for Planning the Perfect New Bathroom

When you work with bathroom plumbers in Norwich that handle bathroom design as well as the full bathroom installation, there’s less worry than if you have to seek a separate designer and installer. But there are still questions that the bathroom fitter will ask that are crucial in creating new bathrooms so to help you prepare, here are some top tips on planning a new bathroom.

the Perfect New Bathroom Norwich

1. Think about your needs

The first thing to consider is what you need from your bathroom. For example, most new bathrooms in Norwich will want the basics – toilet, sink and bath, often with a shower built-in or a separate cubicle. But the styles can be very different as can the demands placed by the different styles of homes around Norwich – from big bathrooms to small ones. By starting with your needs and the most important components, you have a firm list of things you have to have and can then look at things you would like to have.

2. What restrictions does the room place on you?

Having the dream bathroom is great but if you don’t have the room for a standalone bath or you can’t fit in a double sink, then your dreams can’t come true. So while coming up with inspiration and ideas, it is also important to think about restrictions that the room places on you.  The location of doors and windows are good examples – doors have to swing open and windows take up half a wall. Also, remember things like lighting – does what you have work, or do you need to look at changing the lighting style to work with the room layout?

3. Does the existing layout work?

Ask a plumber and the first thing they will ask about bathroom design is if your existing layout works. There’s no point in replumbing half of the bathroom to make a minor change in the location of the sink if where the existing one is works just fine. Remember, these things all cost you more money, so you want to see a firm benefit from doing it.

4. Is there a style you like?

Bathroom designers can give you lots of design inspiration, but it never hurts to do some research yourself. Head over to Pinterest or look on websites that offer design inspiration and see what kind of bathrooms appeal. Don’t just look at the big stuff either, think about storage options and finishing touches. The firmer your idea of what you want is, the easier it is for the designer to make it a reality.

5. Don’t forget that storage

Storage can be one of the fun parts of the bathroom and where you can bring in the styles you have seen and admired. It is also important, even in the smallest bathroom, to try and add some storage for those essentials. Under sink storage is a popular one as well as wall mounted storage such as shelves as these can work alongside the window and make a feature of a wall.

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