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What are the Most Common Jobs That Need a Plumber?

When you work in bathroom design but are also a plumber, you notice there are some jobs that people need doing more often than others. A lot of the time, there’s nothing that can be done to stop them but there are times when you get a call as bathroom plumbers in Norwich that are a little different. Here are some of the most common reasons we get called to people’s homes to help out with the plumbing.

Jobs That Need a Plumber Norwich

Dripping taps

Dripping taps are a seriously irritating issue when you hear that constant water noise, but it can also be a sign of a bigger problem. It isn’t going to mean you need new bathrooms, but it could mean you need new tap washers. And then there’s the wasted water, dripping away down the sink unused – this can cost you money on your water bill if it happens for too long!

Leaking pipes

After fitting a new bathroom in Norwich, this is one of the most common reasons we are called out to people’s homes. Sadly, this is sometimes after the leak has become a burst pipe and the damage is much worse. The advice is always the same – if you spot a leak, call a Norwich plumber to come and look at it before it gets worse. It will never fix itself.

Running toilet

A running toilet is where you pull the flush, the toilet cistern refills but keeps running. It might mean water constantly flowing out of the toilet or worse, that the cistern overflows. If you notice that the toilet is doing this, call a bathroom fitter or plumber to take a look. Sometimes it can be a problem from the bathroom installation but most of the time it is a part that has stopped working correctly with use.

Blocked drains

This is probably the most unpleasant experience for customers – when drains don’t do their job and take waste away from the house. It is common in kitchen and bathroom sinks and can even happen in the bath or the toilet. Most often the cause is something going down the sink that shouldn’t have or a build-up of kitchen waste such as oil that has reduced the available space in the pipe and eventually caused a blockage.

Heating problems

If you have gas in your home, you will need a Gas Safe registered engineer to work on your heating system if there is a problem. Otherwise, if you are electric only or another system, then a plumber may be able to do the job. This might include leaking radiators or low pressure in the system meaning they don’t warm up.

Get the right help quickly

The key with many plumbing problems around the house is getting the right help quickly. Left alone, these problems tend to only get worse and can lead to major damage in the home such as a blocked drain or a burst pipe. So getting that local plumber out as quickly as possible can save your money in the long run!

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