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What Happens During a Bathroom Installation?

When you are in the planning stage of a bathroom installation, the task list can seem daunting. It can help to understand what happens with new bathrooms, when certain jobs are done, when the plumber is busiest and what to expect each day. So here’s our overview of the average installation of a new bathroom in Norwich to help you prepare.

Bathroom Installation Norwich

Clearing the room

After the bathroom design phase is complete, your company will arrange a time to come and start the work. The first part of the process is to get the room ready for the new installation and that means removing all the old fixtures and clearing the room. You will have removed all your personal belongings before the team arrive and they will set about removing the existing fixtures and fittings.

This will often involve the water and central heating systems being turned off due to the risk of a leak. It might be noisy as the bathroom fixtures, tiles and even some plaster is removed to prepare for the new installation.

The electrics

Before any new fixtures are added by the bathroom fitter, it will be the electrician that first does their job. This will mean getting the electricity to the right places to meet demand – the shower is one example, lighting is another and any other electrical requirements. Sometimes a new bathroom in Norwich doesn’t need this if the electrics are remaining the same but most of the time, the electrician will check everything over regardless.

The walls and plumbing

Next, the walls will be prepared for any fixtures that need to go into them and ensure that the plumbing pipework is in place. Bathroom plumbers in Norwich and around the country know that no-one wants to be without toilet facilities, so they work as quickly as possible. If the pipework is being replaced, this might take a bit longer.

Then the main bathroom fixtures can be added to the room and the plumber will ensure they are all fixed up.  This means wastewater away as well as fresh water in and will include the bath, sink, shower and toilet. Look for bathroom installers in Norwich who have all these tradesmen in-house, so you don’t have to search around and coordinate everyone.

Tiling and finishing the walls

Once the bathroom fixtures are in place, it is time for any tiling to be added. This will be around the bath, sink and sometimes on the floor. This makes the room waterproof and stops water ingress behind the tiles where damp problems could grow. Floor tiling will also be done at this stage.

If there’s any plastering needed to make the walls smooth and finished, this can also be done once the tiles are in place.

Final touches

The last stage will involve the final touches and checks to make sure everything is working correctly. It might involve fitting shelves or cupboards, decorating and adding light fixtures.  It will also involve checking the electrics and plumbing that everything functions as it should do before the company sign off the job as complete.

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